Big Boat Sailing Event

Tingira Big Boat Sailing Series 

Sunday September 16

The third event of the Tingira Big Boat
Sailing Series will take place Sunday September 16
with a starting time of 11:00am.
The course for the sailing event will be
similiar to that used in the previous event
and that used for the Calvert Memorial
Sailing Event held in October.
Sailing instructions, course maps and
nomination forms for the event are available below.

For further information regarding the Tingira Big Boat Sailing Series & Events please contact:
Tingira Boat Club Secretary: Peter Fox Telephone 0417 841 009 / 3409 5055 email:
Tingira Boat Club Sailing Master: Peter Deane Telephone 0447519689

Tingira Big Boat Sailing Event Instructions

Event 3 Nomination Form

Big Boat Sailing Series Course 05.05.2018