Calvert Memorial Sailing Series

Calvert Memorial Sailing Series – Event 1

The first event of the Calvert Memorial Sailing Series is scheduled for Sunday 05 May with a starting time of 11:00am (approximately).This social sailing event is for monohull and multihull yachts but excludes off-the-beach sailboats. The event will be sailed over the traditional triangular course set between Macleay and Peel Islands.The start and finish line will be located between the committee boat (club pontoon) and an orange buoy adjacent to the Dalpura Anchorage which is located on the north western side of Macleay Island. 

This will be the first event of the Calvert Memorial Sailing Series. The other events are scheduled to take place on :
Event 2 – Sunday 07 July (or alternatively 21 July);
Event 3 – Sunday 13 October (or alternatively 20 October)
(Please note:- The alternate dates are included in case any of the scheduled events are cancelled due to the weather being unsuitable e.g. strong wind warning.)

Each event will have separate awards but we intend having an overall series winner using the cumulative results of the three events.
The Calvert Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the yacht placed first on handicap for the overall series. The Club’s low score system will be used to determine the series placings. All boats participating in the events will be allocated a performance handicap supplied by the Club handicapper, Ivan Scott who will use the data and times recorded over the past years.
In the case of there being three or more of a similar class (e.g. Jubilee Class) additional prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the sailing committee.

Awards for the events will be presented at the Calvert Memorial Dinner planned for Saturday 26 October. On this night it is planned to have a combined awards night for yachts, off-the-beach sailing and paddling divisions.

Sailing instructions, course maps and nomination forms for the event will be available from Friday of this week and will be emailed out to members on Friday morning.

Alternatively you can download the nomination form, course map and sailing instructions by visiting our website and clicking the Calvert Memorial Trophy Sailing Series link (available from Friday 25 April). Otherwise, email Secretary Peter Fox and request the forms to be sent to you.


Calvert Series Sailing Instructions

Calvert Nomination Form 05.05.19

Calvert Sailing Series Course