Tingira Pirates Commodore’s Ball

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This year the Commodore’s Ball will take on a Pirate’ Theme and members of the Wooden Boat Association who may be passing by have been invited.

All pirates are invited to attend and are expected to wear their finest pirates attire according to rank.  Swords, cutlasses, and pistols must be left at the door.

The bar will open at 3 bells of the Dogs Watch (6.00pm) on July 14, 2018.

Price of entry will 25 pieces of gold ($25.00) per head.  

Three course meal provided.

Sea shanties and jigs are encouraged to the string plucking music of Vicki and Frankie.

The Commodore reserves the right to punish trouble makers by making them walk the plank.

Location:  On the deck of the Tingira Boat Club, 91 Coast Rd., Macleay Island.

Book online or ring Ron on 0413 581 086 for tickets