Corona Virus

Tingira Boat Club Inc.

 Covid-19 Easing of restrictions November 17, 2020With further easing of the Covid 19 restrictions by the Queensland Government, our Club will be able to accommodate more people for our Friday night dinners.  Up until now we have been operating under the rule that premises with an area less than 200 sq. meters could use the one person per two square meter rule with a maximum of 50 people.

The government has removed the 50 people limit, which allows us to have 70 people under our roof.

I suggest that for normal members dinners we set the limit at 60 depending on the chefs and 70 for Fish and Chip nights.  To control our numbers especially for fish and chips, prebooking is essential and names must be placed on the board by lunch time Thursday.

As far as social distancing is concerned the current table configuration should be retained but two extra chairs be added to allow eight people at a table rather than six.

The Queensland Government has done an excellent job retaining this Virus, however our  greatest enemy is complacency.

Tingira Boat Club Inc.

Stage 5 – Easing of Restrictions Plan

Our Club

We shall continue to operate in line with the Industry COVID Safe Plan for QUEENSLAND HOTELS, CLUBS, NIGHTCLUBS and ADULT ENTERTAINMENT However, we still need to have our own Plan to cover our specific conditions and this is updated in the following information.

From Friday November 20 the following will apply:

  • Limitations of numbers: The 2 square meters per person rule will allow us to seat 70 people inside the clubrooms.
  • Members and their guests only.
  • Bookings! Names on the white board. (Members and guests of members) No phone bookings except those not on Macleay Island.
  • Seating to continue to be set up as it has been, however now eight chairs can be around each table.
  • Food will be served straight to tables.
  • Dirty plates to be returned to the designated tables for collection by kitchen staff.
  • Drinks may be purchased from the bar. You may eat and drink while standing.
  • Follow the marks on the floor when in line to observe Social Distancing.
  • Bar opening time 6.00 p.m. (Friday)
  • Kitchen staff only in the kitchen.
  • Follow marks on the floor while in line, when paying for your meal.
  • Use credit/debit cards etc, instead of cash where possible.
  • Names of those attending will have their names listed, as is customary. Members in attendance, will have their addresses and mobile numbers readily available from Club register if required.  Guests of members however will need to have listed their names, addresses/email address and telephone number.
  • If you are ill, stay home, do not come to the Club.
  • Download the COVID Safe App.
  • Observe instructions from the Commodore and Management Committee members. 

Courtesy Bus        Ring Moss 0428 717 535

Observe Social Distancing Rules as instructed by the Driver.Courtesy transport must be frequently cleaned and disinfected between uses.

Social distancing must be maintained as far as possible during use. A contact information list must be kept for members travelling on the bus for contact tracing purposes, including name, address, and telephone number for a period of at least 56 days.


Stage 3 has also opened sporting activities.  From our perspective, we can open more of the boating side of our Club.

By aligning the Club with the Aquatic Sports Sector COVID Safe Plan we can extend our operations to Dragon Boats, x6 Outriggers (OC6) and Sailing Boats.

Dragon Boats:                Back to 20 Paddlers.

OC6:                                Six Paddlers.

Sailing Craft:                  Vagabonds.  Two people per craft placed to observe Social Distancing requirements.

  • All personnel visiting the Club for any reason, regardless of if they are using the Clubs equipment or as a spectator must provide their name, address and mobile number which will kept at the Club for 56 days in case of a COVID-19 outbreak.
  • A list of all paddlers in each boat to be kept for 56 days.
  • Also, their destination and stopping points must be recorded.
  • All shared equipment must be sanitised after each use.
  • If you are ill, do not come to the Club.
  • Observe Social Distancing at all times, 1.5meters.
  • Download the COVID Safe App
  • Provide sanitising stations
  • Observe instructions from the Boating sub-committee and Management Committee members.

This plan may change from time to time as requirements are altered.

Neville Prosser


November 16, 2020