Tingira Boat Club

The Tingira Boat Club is located on Macleay Island which is part of a group of Islands called the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.
Friday Night Dinners
With over 200 members, the Club meets on a Friday night for dinner prepared by the volunteer members. On the first Friday night of the month, it is Fish and Chip night when all are invited to take part. Bar opens at 6.00pm.
Sunday on the Deck.
The Club is also opened from noon on Sundays, where meals are served and the bar is open. What better way to enjoy a Sunday, sipping on a cool drink on the deck and enjoying the views across the water to the mainland
The Club Rooms are located on the west coast of the Island looking back towards the mainland. Sundays, when the tide is right, are boating days, with the Club owning a number of Vagabonds and canoes, members can be seen enjoying the waters of Moreton Bay.
Dragon Boats
The Club also enjoys an exciting Dragon Boat program where practice takes place every Sunday. Either at the Club or Karragarra Island depending on the tides.
Macleay Island Classic
Each year the Club hosts the Macleay Island Classic, a canoe race around Macleay Island. The event attracts paddlers from Byron Bay in NSW to Hervey Bay to the north. Next year , it will be run for tenth year on May 19 & 20 2018.

It is a Good Time To Join Tingira!
Tingira Membership Now Available for 2018 -19
The Management Committee advise that now is a good time for non-members to join the
Tingira Boat Club. As from April 01 non-members applying to join the Club will remain
financial until the renewal date of 30 June 2019
For the benefit of those who have recently joined our Club or non-members who have been aattending dragon boating or sailing as a “Come and try it” is important to understand the By- Law regarding Club membership:
“For Club events and activities designated by the Management Committee to be Members
and Guests only or activities where members of the public are invited to come and try,
those non-members including non-financial members will be granted this privilege three
times only within a financial year.
To continue to attend the Club non members must become a financial member.
This does not include friends and family who are not residents of the Moreton Bay Southern Bay Islands who are visiting members.

“Club events and activities could include Friday Night Members Dinners, dragon boating or sailing.

“Not included would be events open to the public that include Fish ’N’ Chip nights, Sunday on the Deck and fundraisers (such as Oysters and Jazz) throughout the year.”
(Tingira Boat Club By-Law – AGM August 2016)
So take advantage of the offer – Join now and you will be a financial member up until 30
June 2019

Application For Membership

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